Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Drawing Coming To Life: The Beauty of Watching A Drawing Grow

When you get an idea for a drawing you are excited and you want to see it pop up on the page just like that. In the midst of creating it's so easy to get all carried away in the manic energy that often comes with inspiration. It's also very easy to fall into a rut and go for weeks without making any progress in your drawing. Figuring out the balance between spurts of creative fury, which often produces a whirl wind of under developed ideas, and creative dry spells which produce nothing at all, has been my quest over the past several months. In many ways I am an artist still at the very beginning of my journey. At points further down my path I hope are series of paintings, gallery shows, and community with other artists. That path that I hope so desperately to progress on is paved with drawings, studies, and prototypes. With this in mind I have been trying to better my process of creating. I want my work to take more time because I am including more details and layers but I don't want it to take so much time that it never gets finished. So here is another drawing from the series I mentioned in a previous post. These ethereal little girls are going to eventually star in a series of paintings about the expectations placed on little girls by various entities in their lives. Calling upon the pageant culture and my own childhood experiences for inspiration. I am posting three pictures of this drawing in progress to show how taking time to build the drawing is just as much art as the finished drawing itself.

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