Saturday, August 25, 2012

Obama In A Crane Machine: The Art Of Absurdity Is All Around You

Obama? In a crane machine? Yes! There was a Romney too, I just couldn't get a good picture of it. As an artist I was just born with different eyes. For some reason they are ultra sensitive to things that are ironic, absurd, or over the top. This is probably why upon walking into Walmart yesterday my attention immediately snapped to the crane machine in the corner sporting the giant plush heads of Barak Obama and Mitt Romney. To me moments of absurdity like this speak so much about our culture. The sight of the political candidates as toys in a Walmart arcade game brought a little bit of the "larger than life" of the personalities of Obama And Romney into my little, small town corner of the world. This splash of personality and satire is exactly why I feel that catching this image was capturing a moment of art. Art isn't a static picture on a wall. It can be a moment, a phrase, or something that is simply absurd. What is absurd in your world? What moments of art can you capture?

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