Saturday, June 18, 2016

No One Said This Was The End.

      As covered in my last entry, after pushing through some personnel issues, things are starting to take off a little bit more for me in the music department. I can't even express how happy it makes me to see this project moving forward again. When you work on something for a long time and you have to deal with delays: a lot of times your thoughts and feelings about it change. Well, this song is  an example of that for me. Would I try to get the point across in a very different way now? Yes. Are there universals still worth saying in this version though? Yes. Also, at this point in my process, I can't just take a developed idea that I have put a lot of time and money into and throw it out. That being said, I am proud of the breakthroughs I made while working on this song and the core of what I was trying to say with it remains the same. That is: No one said it had to be the end of a dream unless you decide that for yourself, that no matter what you have "slept" on in your life it's always worth waking up another day and picking up the fight again, and that I make art to fulfill a purpose not for any kind of popularity. The lines aren't meant to be specifically unfriendly, they are just meant to prioritize the mission. There are things that need to be destroyed like the idea that you have to be a certain shape, size, gender, age, sexuality, etc., in order to express yourself and be heard. There are things that need to be defended like the right to be who you really are. So, if you heard a previous demo of this song and it sounded like I was on the attack, please try and see it from the way I mean it as a constructive thing, and not a destructive thing. You can find the newest version of my song No One Said This Was The End at my new bandcamp page where you can listen to it or download it for free.