Monday, July 23, 2012

I just have to put this out there because it's on my mind. I know that the shooting in Colorado has nothing to do with me, I didn't know anyone involved and, thanks be, I definitely didn't know the shooter, but every time I see something like this I always feel so strongly about the fact that if you need to express yourself, use art. We all have dark feelings, we all get angry. Lots of people out there feel the need to express shock or horror, that's why we WRITE and PAINT, We scream out punk vocals, or sing a heart wrenching balad. Whatever you have to do, but you make a creative record of your experiences. Hit people with ideas and images not fists and bullets. You will still be remembered and you might actually create something beautiful instead of something destructive that no one understands.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Exercise is good for ya!

I was in the library doing research for my art work and I found a book of drawing exercises and this drawing is what resulted from doing one of them. I had to pick two numbers which randomly assigned me the two words elephant and bathtub. My job was to make a drawing using the two objects and I came up with an elephant feeding his pet fish who lives in a was silly, but exactly the kind of thing I need to get myself rolling again.