Monday, April 12, 2010

The Starbucks Experiment

In my previous post I mentioned the idea of making a sculpture at starbucks using only the materials availbale for free in that environment. Well here is what I came up with. I chose to work only with nutritional pamphlets, and since they had and actually let me use it, I allowed it.

Once I was finished it kind of reminded my of some kind of palace or monument with a long gazing pool in front of it.

The people at the coffe shop slowly trickled over as each one of them gained the courage to confront me about what I was doing. You would think that this kind of action wouldn't really matter to people, but I live in a small place where people aren't exposed to sculpture at all let alone someone executing one in a public place. Some people were amazed that I would do such a thing while others were offended and though I was weird. (make sure to read the word weird with a thick southern accent.) The workers were used to me doing stuff like that so they just laughed and told me that I could only use some of the nutritional pamphlets. All in all it was a freeing experiment. I usually bust out with this type of behavior when I am feeling stifled by having to create art in the limited space at home.

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