Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hi! I am Lynn and I am, well, up to no good!

Welcome to my blog! Be afraid, be very afraid, because this blog is being used as a tool for me to infect the world with my creativity and adventures. This is not a personal blog where I will be yammering on about my life for sentences on end. As much as the world loves to stare at train wrecks, I really wanted to create a space on the internet that put a face on me as an artist. So I will be sharing my work, my ideas about the human creative experience, and commentary on things going on in the world that effect me creatively. That being said, I have a wide variety of things that I believe to be a part of the creative experience. A piece of art can be a painting, a sculpture, a found object, a snapshot, a sketch on a napkin, a single written word, a collecion of words, or a carefully placed object. It could even be something non tangible like a moment between two people, a gesture, a glance, or a reaction. What I tend to gravitate towards in my own work is various creative experiments in order to acheive a variety of reactions from people. One of my favorite media to work with is the situation. I ask questions like "How would people respond to me making a sculpture in the middle of Starbucks using only the materials that can be found in the Starbucks?" or "What will the hostess of a restaurant say if I walk right up to her and announce that I am Gweneth Paltrow and I am on the list?" or even "How will that conservative religious family in the next booth react to me and my friends having a very loud conversation about robbing a liquor store?" (Obvioulsy no liqour stores were harmed in the making of that situation.) These scenarios are things that I have actually done! They make for awesome adventures, and sometimes if you are lucky they make a statement as well.
Sometimes you can create "sitaution art" just by doing something creative in public. For example my friend and I were painting in a coffee shop and a little girl walked in with her mother. She was riveted by our painting. She watched so intently
that we could tell that she wished she could paint too. So, we asked her mother if it was alright, pulled up a chair, and offered the little girl some watercolors. She painted a beautiful picture of a butterfly and a tree. The situation that was created encapsuled some rare grains of beauty and truth.
Of course I work in traditional media as well, I love to paint and draw, I like to make comics, and write short stories and all of that will be covered here. I am the kind of person that views every form of expression like different vehicles for the same art. Song Writing is just as much of a paint brush for me as a polyester fiber number 10 flat. So, if you have found your way here, thank you for looking when I pull a stunt, hearing it when I scream, and joining me when I laugh.


  1. Oh please infect us !! I look forward seeing more of your ideas ! ;)
    Merci pour votre visite sur mon blogue. ;)

  2. I am Ryleighsmom from SwapBot (I want more blog followers). I cannot follow your blog. I have created 2 different Google accounts and cannot follow anyone's blog. =( I continue to get an Error Code! I'm sorry! I'll keep trying! I did want you to know I'm here though =)