Sunday, October 16, 2016

She Was Caught In The Wave....

It's been a while since I have had something to say here and an action to go with it, but I've been working hard. My music project has taught me many hard lessons and not giving up just because something isn't easy seems to be the biggest one so far. I know I'm not alone in feeling compelled to tell my story through art, and I'm probably not alone in having had periods of running away from that urge. In the past I've thought of some pretty absurd things to try and get away from, I don't know what...myself I guess. I thought of joining a silent convent which would never work because I'm an atheist and I have too much of a sense of humor. I wouldn't last 24 hours without busting out laughing. Another thing I thought of doing was hiking the Appalachian trail. Which if you know me your side probably already hurts at how funny that is! The first time I saw a spider it would be over. Anyway, this time around there is no running away from myself and I knew that meant expressing the things in me that are the hardest to express. That's what this project is, telling the hardest things to tell so that they stop getting in the way of the other things I have to say. So about that action: I have a new song, it's called Hiroshima Maiden and you can find it here:

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